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Financial Literacy and Your Children

Money can be a challenging topic to discuss – especially with your children. Financial literacy from a young age can help shape how your kids view and manage money for the rest of their lives. Without a solid understanding of money and finance, it can be difficult for kids to have a healthy relationship with money in the future. There are different ways to approach conversations around money in a way that’s exciting as well as educational for your children. When’s the right time to start teaching financial literacy? Financial literacy is the ability to make informed judgements and effective … Read more

A retired couple

How Much Super Do I Need to Retire?

Retirement might feel like a world away for a lot of us, but many people don’t know how much super you need to retire. Failure to properly prepare for retirement can come as a bit of a nasty surprise when the time does arrive, but there are some things you can implement now to ensure you’re on the right track. Whether you’re planning on doing some travelling, taking up a new hobby or simply enjoying spending time at home, you’ll need to have enough money to live comfortably and fund this dream. Here’s everything you need to know about retirement … Read more

Wealthy Retirement

The Fast Way to a Wealthy Retirement

Most of us imagine our retirement as a time to enjoy new hobbies, travel the world, and spend time with our grandchildren. The bleak reality for many though is that there simply won’t be enough money in the bank to make this dream come true, and with the retirement age in Australia increasing, Aussies are no longer able to rely on the aged pension as their sole income. However, with the right strategy and planning in place, you will be able to build the best retirement plan for you and have solid steps in place for a comfortable retirement. Do … Read more

planning for your retirement

Planning For Your Retirement in 4 Steps

Most of us live a fast-paced, busy lifestyle but when it comes to planning for your retirement, the sooner you start, the better. Too often, people start thinking about their retirement when they’re in their late 50s and realise they haven’t thought far enough ahead to live the retirement they desire. Planning for your retirement can be a complex area and it’s important to understand your options, what strategies are on offer and the future implications of the choices you make now. We’ve shared 4 steps to help you prepare for your retirement, regardless of your age. Have a goal … Read more

Understanding superannuation | Woman putting money into a piggy bank

Breaking Down the Basics of Superannuation

Superannuation funds can seem super complex. But by focusing on just two things – finding a fund with low fees and choosing the right investment options – can hold the key to earning tens of thousands of dollars more for your retirement. And in light of the news that people saving into poorly performing superannuation funds could be up to $530,000 worse off than those who invest in some of the better funds, now is the time to make sure you’re setting your future self up for superannuation success. Spend some time managing your superannuation and understanding how to make … Read more

It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning Your Retirement

Are you fantasising about living a life of luxury when you retire? Whether you’re in the prime of your working life and have a long way to go or retirement is a part of your 10-year plan, planning should start well before your last day on the job. Here are our top tips to help you transition into a smooth retirement no matter where you’re currently at in your working life: 20s to 30s There is a school of thought which suggests purchasing a home is one of the smartest strategies to set you up for future retirement. If you’re … Read more

How to Supersize Your Superannuation

Retirement might feel like a lifetime away, but once you approach your inevitable career deadline it is too late to plan for a comfortable post-work life. As the average life expectancy in Australia steadily increases into the 80s for both men and women, so does the need to ensure that you’re able to choose to retire comfortably. We aren’t all in a position to secure the age pension, so we need to invest a little time and research into retirement planning. Poor financial planning—particularly for retirement—is unfortunately common for many. Currently, just one-third of retirees in Australia live on a … Read more

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