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Live for Lily

About Live For Lily

No one should ever have their life cut short, just like no parent should ever have to grieve a child or hear the words that 950 Australian families hear every year: “Your child has cancer.”

In 2014, at just nine years old, Lily Hester became one of the three Australian children who die every week from cancer. At Inovayt, we don’t want Lily or her family to become another statistic, which is why we’re supporting the Live for Lily Foundation.

Our involvement

In 2019, Inovayt joined forces with the Live for Lily Foundation, participating in the Ride for Lily event as well as raising funds for the organisation. 

Inovayt sponsors and holds charity events with the Live for Lily Foundation as a benefactor. As of today, Inovayt has contributed approximately $50,000 toward this well-needed cause.

About childhood cancer

Childhood cancer is a cruel and unforgiving condition that affects not only children but everyone around them. 

In Australia:

  • 3 children die every week from cancer
  • 4 out of 5 children who survive their cancer will experience at least one physical or mental health issue as a result of their treatment
  • 950 families every year hear the phrase, “Your child has cancer”

Why we chose the Live for Lily Foundation

The innocence of children and the thought of children losing their lives so early into their life journey makes childhood cancer perhaps the saddest. Because of this, we have chosen the Live for Lily Foundation as a chosen charity to support. The Live for Lily Foundation is on a mission to cure childhood cancer by raising awareness and funds that go directly towards research into curing childhood cancer, which is severely under-resourced.

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