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Sell or Lease? What to Do When Buying Your Next Home

Breaking into the property market and buying your first home is a milestone in everyone’s life. But what happens to your old place when it comes time for you to buy your next house? Do you sell or rent out your old place? Are you financially able to hold onto the property? Weighing up these questions in conjunction with your financial goals will allow you to make the best decision. To sell or not to sell Letting go of your first home can be tough. But when it comes down to choosing whether to sell or lease, sometimes it may … Read more

Ownership structure

The Importance of Ownership Structure When It Comes to Investing

When it comes to investing in property, there is a lot of information readily available around what kind of property will give you the best return and how to choose the right loan. However, there’s very little information or discussion around ownership or loan structure even though it’s fundamental for property investors to consider these structures carefully. Remember, your decisions will not only impact you now but into the future. What should I consider when it comes to ownership structure?   Asset protection An important consideration when determining ownership structure is asset protection. If you have an owner-occupied property and … Read more

Depreciation schedule

Do I Need a Depreciation Schedule?

To many of us, a depreciation schedule might be a completely alien concept that you’ve never heard of before – don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone here!  Aside from the fact that many of us don’t know what a depreciation schedule is, there are so many property investors who aren’t using one either, which in turn, is losing them thousands of dollars at tax time. Many of us also don’t understand the benefits and rewards we can reap by investing in a depreciation schedule. In this blog, we will unpack what a depreciation schedule is, who needs one, the benefits … Read more

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