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The Benefits of Engaging a Financial Advisor for Retirement

February 28, 2023
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It’s never too early to start planning for your retirement – regardless of whether you’re starting out in your financial journey or are coming to the pointy end of it. When you work with a financial advisor for retirement, you’re essentially opening yourself up to a more comfortable retirement.

Financial advisors specialising in retirement planning have an intimate understanding of the intricate complexities that make up legislation and legislative changes surrounding retirement and pension. They work with you to define your retirement goals and ensure you get the most out of your golden years.

Why do I need a financial advisor that specialises in retirement planning?

Enlisting the help of a financial advisor for retirement is essential. At Inovayt, we specialise in retirement planning and helping you to achieve your dream retirement. Our brokers are trained to help you strategise for your ideal retirement and identify any roadblocks standing in your way.

Inovayt Financial Advisor Melbourne Tony Stewart says, “As a financial advisor that helps people plan for retirement, I try to get an understanding of their financial needs and life goals and then put their financial assets in the right buckets to minimise tax, diversify their assets to minimise risk, whilst generating an income that meets their needs, and that also considers social security matters such as the Aged Pension and Health Care Card.”

Your Inovayt financial advisor for retirement is also highly skilled in dealing with the complexities surrounding retirement legislation, the pension, superannuation, and other intricacies involved in retirement planning.

Key areas 

The key areas we work with you on include the following:

Superannuation or investing

  • Taxation planning
  • An investment strategy and taking an appropriate level of risk
  • The ability to draw an income to help meet your living expenses
  • When you can gain access to your benefits (e.g., superannuation)

Social security (age pension) 

  • What are you entitled to, and how can you maximise your benefits?
  • How will social security fit into your overall retirement picture?
  • What is the process to get approved for benefits?

 Age care

  • How does the system work, and what is the best approach?
  • What are the costs and social security implications?


  • Are you in a position to gift money to your loved ones? If so, what is the most effective way to do so?
  • Do you have an adequate estate plan in place?

financial advisor for retirement

What will a financial advisor do to help me prepare for retirement?

 At Inovayt, we have a team of dedicated financial advisors that specialise in retirement planning and retirement. When you enlist the help of a financial advisor for your retirement, here is how they can benefit you.

Understands your needs and goals

The crux of your retirement plan will rotate around your needs and goals. Your Inovayt financial advisor will help to create your goals and define what your ideal retirement looks like. For example, those who want to do a lot of travelling when they retire will require significantly more money than those who are happy at home.

They’ll also work with you to navigate any high costs after retirement that must be considered. This includes things like:

  • Travel plans
  • Mortgage repayments
  • Rental repayments
  • Renovations to your current home or investment properties
  • Medical bills

To learn more, check out our blog, How Much Super Do I Need to Retire?

Manage your super fund

Inovayt financial advisors are experts in superannuation. They will guide you through the world of superannuation, managing the intricacies surrounding your super fund. Your financial advisor will help you choose an investment strategy with an appropriate amount of risk, advise you when you can gain access to your super and let you know how you can draw an income to meet your living expenses.

Set up a personalised plan for your ideal retirement

Everyone’s financial situation is different. This means that your retirement plan needs to be unique. At Inovayt, our financial advisors don’t simply cut and paste your goals and needs into a template. We work with you to curate the perfect retirement plan to suit your current lifestyle and your ideal retirement.

Making sure there is no money left on the table

Many people choose to retire without consulting a financial advisor. While some may be able to retire comfortably without talking to a professional, there’s a chance that they are missing out on money they didn’t know they could access.

Inovayt Financial Advisor Tony Stewart gives the following case study as an example.

“Recently, I worked with a couple who were both aged 62. They had very little in super savings but had two investment properties. I assisted them in selling one of their investment properties that had a considerable capital gain, and they were facing a capital gains tax of $110,000. However, by making some tax-effective super contributions, we were able to reduce their capital gains tax bill down to $20,000 and use the sale proceeds from the investment property to pay out debt on their home and their other investment property, plus contribute $365,000 into their super. The solution provided them with debt-free properties in retirement with tax-free income and some liquid assets to draw upon if they needed it.”

This is one of many similar situations that Tony and the team see regularly and can potentially save customers thousands of dollars.

Working with an Inovayt financial advisor

When you work with an Inovayt financial advisor for retirement, you’re giving yourself the best chance to retire comfortably and achieve your financial goals. Working with a professional means you’ll leave no money on the table and can save thousands of dollars that can contribute to your retirement.

So, whether you picture yourself sailing the world on a private yacht, playing a large amount of golf, or spending precious time with your grandchildren, Inovayt can help to get you there. Don’t leave your future to chance. Get in touch with an Inovayt financial advisor today.

Are you ready to engage a financial advisor for your retirement? Let us help!


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