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Business Overdrafts

Access additional funds directly from your business transaction account to manage your business cash flow or unexpected expenses.

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Should I consider a business overdraft?

An overdraft is essentially a line of credit attached to your business bank account which allows your business to draw on money (up to an approved limit) beyond what you currently have in your account. The business will then only need to pay interest on the amount of money they’ve overdrawn, making it a useful cash flow solution in many situations like purchasing stock or equipment, paying staff, or even covering general expenses.

How an overdraft can help your business

A wide range of businesses take advantage of business overdrafts and interest rates are always variable. Overdrafts can be secured by property or even unsecured. Securing an overdraft with property comes with some benefits such as a reduced interest rate, a greater loan limit and favourable loan terms. Some businesses only require small unsecured business overdrafts where pricing on interest rates and fees are higher although it is more important to have access to funds and flexibility.

Business overdrafts are for businesses that:

  • Want the convenience of extra funds linked directly to their transaction account
  • Need to borrow $2000 or more
  • Need to cover cash flow shortages and unexpected expenses

At Inovayt, our Business Finance Professionals will find you the most appropriate solution and lender.


We know that growing a business can be difficult. We can guide you through your cashflow and financing needs.


As a business owner, we understand your time is limited, which is why we do the leg work for you. We’re happy to meet face to face, over the phone or online at a time that suits you.


Let us help you to grow your business. Our end-to-end financial solutions can support you throughout any stage of your journey, both professionally and personally.

Let us help you access additional funds for your business

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