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Business Loans

A simple loan to help you manage or grow your business. This loan can be secured or unsecured with flexible repayment options.

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How can a business finance professional help?

For years, business owners have remained loyal to traditional banks mainly due to not being aware of the alternative options available. However, times are changing and business owners are beginning to realise the value of having an experienced business finance professional or commercial broker to advocate on their behalf.

Focus on what you do best

Let’s face it, business owners know how to run their business but very few have the appetite to start the lengthy and complicated process of applying for finance.

That’s where an Inovayt commercial broker comes in.

Once you have experienced our value, service, choice and professionalism, it’s likely you’ll never go directly to a bank again.

What can a business loan be used for?

A business loan can be used to help your business grow and evolve. You may have an opportunity to acquire the premises from where you operate your business or perhaps you need finance to purchase a competitor’s business.

Business loans are traditionally secured by a residential or commercial property, however, unsecured options are starting to be offered by lenders that are interested in seeing smaller businesses grow. Lenders want to know how the business intends to use the borrowed monies, so business owners must make sure to have a clear outline for how the money will be spent. Both unsecured and secured lending will require the business to meet certain turnover and profitability criteria.

How does is work?

Business loans have much lower interest rates and extended terms are available from 10 – 30 years. Interest rates can be fixed or variable. A fixed interest rate means the interest rate remains the same for the duration of the loan. A variable interest rate indicates the interest rate can fluctuate in line with the market. Loan repayments can be both interest only or principal and interest.

When applying for a business loan, lenders evaluate the company’s history, the amount of debt the company has and the financial turnover and profitability. To be considered for a business loan your business needs to be over 12 months old with completed full years’ financials as a minimum. Our commercial brokers know how to best position you to be approved by a lender of choice.


Our experienced team of commercial brokers have extensive knowledge within the commercial lending space and will work with you to fully understand your business needs for now and into the future.


As a business owner, we understand your time is limited which is why we do the leg work for you. We’re happy to meet face to face, over the phone or online at a time that suits you.


Let us help you grow your business. Our end-to-end financial solutions can support you throughout any stage of your journey, both professionally and personally.

Let’s talk business and set up a meeting with one of our dedicated commercial brokers.

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