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Save for a large future expense

Saving for a large expense may seem intimidating. However, with the right support and strategy in place, you'll be able to make your goal a reality.

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How can Inovayt help me save?

It is a natural desire to have things we want, but, unfortunately, most of us simply cannot purchase them then and there. We have to save, put them on a credit card, or take out a loan from a financial lender.
Whether it is a holiday, a new car or that first home deposit, a large future expense is achievable if you have realistic and disciplined saving mechanisms in place.

Some common questions you may be asking yourself:

  • When I get paid, where does all my money go?
  • How much should I be saving each pay cycle?
  • How do I maximise my savings?
  • Is a bank account the best place to keep my savings?
  • Are there benefits of starting early?

While the idea of saving for a large future expense can be generic, there are many variables to consider when budgeting, and Inovayt Wealth can assist to ensure those variables are covered.

To save for a large future expense, consider looking into the following services:


We understand it can be daunting trying to save for a large purchase. Our experienced team can help guide you towards finance options that suit your individual needs.


We understand that everyone has different needs, schedules and availability. We’re happy to meet face to face, over the phone or online at a time that suits you.


Let us help make your dream purchase a reality. Our end-to-end financial solutions can support you throughout any stage of your life journey.

Let us help you to save for a large expense.

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