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Home Equity Loan: Everything You Need To Know

A home equity loan is a great way for homeowners to access extra funds. This type of loan can be used for a range of projects including non-structural renovations, a new car, an investment property and more. How much equity is in your home, and how much you have owing on your mortgage, will determine the amount you can borrow. These loans are perfect for those who are looking to make a larger purchase or investment. Here’s everything you need to know about home equity loans. What is a home equity loan? Home equity loans are a type of loan … Read more


Finfluencers – Helpful or Dangerous?

TikTok and Instagram have become increasingly popular when it comes to millennials and Gen Z’ers and the growing interest in money management. While some may say young people showing a greater interest in their financial wellbeing is a good thing, it’s important to question whether this is the right channel to get your information. Financial influencers known as ‘finfluencers,’ have varying degrees of knowledge, yet most do not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence which means they aren’t subject to codes and regulations to act honestly, efficiently, and fairly or to have capital buffers set aside in case of investor … Read more

The Gig Economy: How to Survive and Thrive Financially

More and more professionals are embracing Australia’s gig economy, but at a significant financial cost. Amongst millennials in particular, freelancers, contractors, and small start-ups are exerting a growing culture that places emphasis on autonomy, flexibility, and the desire to upskill through sought-after variety. A recent study highlighted a vast trajectory in numbers of remote workers, with the average respondent’s age at 32 years. Fifty percent of respondents earned under $49,000 per year, with twenty five percent in the $50,000 – $99,999 range, showing a clear gravitation from those in lower and medium income brackets. Further, as the business climate becomes … Read more

Report Reveals the Need for Women to Take More Control of Their Wealth

A recent whitepaper produced by Investment Bank UBS, revealed an alarming state of play which calls for women to take more control of their wealth. The study surveyed 1,700 married couples, revealing 56 per cent of married women still leave key financial decisions to their husbands. For millennial women, the rate sits at an astonishing 61%, indicating arguable regression among the lower age bracket. The majority of those respondents said it was because their husbands were more knowledgeable when it came to money. What’s more, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports the average female wage as sitting at 89% of … Read more

7 Things to Consider When Organising Your Tax Before End of Financial Year

There are a number of basic tax-related measures you can take to better position yourself in the lead up to end of financial year. Ensuring you are informed and have access to the right advice is critical for ensuring you properly leverage any tax opportunities available. Further, being organised well and truly beforehand is paramount. In other words, trying to get your receipts and expenses in order at the final hour is never an ideal situation for you or your tax accountant. There is a multitude of programs and apps available to help you maintain your records throughout the year … Read more

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