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Loans with one lender

Should All of Your Loans be With One Lender?

There are so many things to consider when you’re looking for an investment property. Are you going to buy a residential or commercial property? What suburb will you invest in? Do you have enough equity in your home to use when buying the place? What you may not think about is whether all of your loans should be with one lender. There are pros and cons to having your loans with one lender or choosing a different lender altogether. We’ll look at both of these below and help you make an informed financial decision when choosing your perfect investment property. … Read more

Investment Loans Be Interest Only

Should All Investment Loans Be Interest Only?

If you’re an aspiring investor you are likely knee-deep in research. There are many variables you need to consider, from choosing the best suburb, the type of property and even the type of loan. When it comes to securing an investment loan, you likely have the option to choose between a principal and interest loan or an interest only investment loan, the latter being a common choice for investors. In this blog, we explore the difference between each type of loan and the role they play within your long-term investment strategy. What is the difference between a principal & interest … Read more

property cycle

Investment Properties and the Property Cycle

Within the real estate market, a 4-stage property cycle exists in which it is possible to make predictions of where the housing market will be over the coming years. Developing a solid understanding of how property cycles work will assist any budding investor when they are looking to purchase an investment property. In this blog, we unpack the stages of the property cycle, what each stage involves and what the property cycle means for budding investors. Breaking down the property cycle Property Buyer defines the property cycle as, “a series of events that repeat themselves over time that affect the … Read more

Cross Securitisation vs Stand Alone Securities

When it comes to cross securitisation (or cross collateralisation) vs stand-alone securities, borrowers are often unsure which is better suited when considering their lending structure for property investment. While each type of loan has advantages and disadvantages, it is important to get a better understanding of each before diving in and making that choice. In this blog, we will look at cross securitisation vs stand-alone securities and what they both have on offer. What is cross securitisation? Although the name might sound like it refers to something extremely complex, Inovayt Finance Broker, Justin Coughlin simplifies cross-securitisation (also known as cross-collateralisation) … Read more

Depreciation schedule

Do I Need a Depreciation Schedule?

To many of us, a depreciation schedule might be a completely alien concept that you’ve never heard of before – don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone here!  Aside from the fact that many of us don’t know what a depreciation schedule is, there are so many property investors who aren’t using one either, which in turn, is losing them thousands of dollars at tax time. Many of us also don’t understand the benefits and rewards we can reap by investing in a depreciation schedule. In this blog, we will unpack what a depreciation schedule is, who needs one, the benefits … Read more

sell or hold

Should You Sell or Hold? A Case Study

Many second-home buyers who may feel as though they have outgrown their current property are faced with this conundrum. Do I sell my current home and cash out or do I hold my current property and turn it into an investment? Whether you should buy or hold comes down to both personal and financial circumstances. These are the items you will need to discuss with a mortgage professional in advance before being able to make a clear decision. Borrowing Capacity – if you need to upgrade your owner-occupied property for a larger place, generally you need to spend more so … Read more

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