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financial planning

Estate planning

Estate Planning: 10 Things You Should Consider

When it comes to planning the exciting things in life, such as buying a house, having kids, or getting married, estate planning isn’t something that immediately springs to mind. Although it may be a sombre topic, it’s certainly an important one many of us avoid. You may not know what estate planning entails, or think that it’s simply a will, but it’s a lot more detailed and there are several aspects you need to consider. Here are our top ten things to keep in mind when you’re completing your estate planning. Family Structure It’s important to consider your family structure, … Read more

Wealthy Retirement

The Fast Way to a Wealthy Retirement

Most of us imagine our retirement as a time to enjoy new hobbies, travel the world, and spend time with our grandchildren. The bleak reality for many though is that there simply won’t be enough money in the bank to make this dream come true, and with the retirement age in Australia increasing, Aussies are no longer able to rely on the aged pension as their sole income. However, with the right strategy and planning in place, you will be able to build the best retirement plan for you and have solid steps in place for a comfortable retirement. Do … Read more

need to know about financial planning

5 Things You Need to Know About Financial Planning, Including Costs

Everyone can benefit from seeking the advice of a financial planner at some point, regardless of their financial goals, current financial position or income. When it comes to your finances, being proactive and planning is the best step you can take to ensure a stable and comfortable future. In this article, we take you through five things you need to know about financial planning. What is financial planning? We’ve all heard the term ‘financial planning’ but what does it mean and what does a financial planner do? Well, that’s a great question! While many perceive a financial planner as a … Read more

Benefits of Financial Planning

The Top Six Benefits of Financial Planning

Money. The five-letter word that can strike terror into the hearts of people and make them want to run for the hills and start a civilisation on a remote farm. This doesn’t have to be the case. Some of the most common questions we hear are: “what is financial planning?” and “what are the benefits of financial planning?” While they might seem a little overwhelming, we’ve got you covered on exactly what these questions mean. Ok, but seriously, what IS financial planning? Put simply, financial planning is all about assessing your current money situation, making a list of long-term monetary … Read more

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