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Estate planning

Estate Planning: 10 Things You Should Consider

When it comes to planning the exciting things in life, such as buying a house, having kids, or getting married, estate planning isn’t something that immediately springs to mind. Although it may be a sombre topic, it’s certainly an important one many of us avoid. You may not know what estate planning entails, or think that it’s simply a will, but it’s a lot more detailed and there are several aspects you need to consider. Here are our top ten things to keep in mind when you’re completing your estate planning. Family Structure It’s important to consider your family structure, … Read more

children and your finances

5 things You Should Know About Children and Your Finances

Without a doubt, starting a family is one of the biggest decisions mentally, emotionally and financially you’ll ever have to make. From pre-baby costs such as medical care, baby furniture and cute clothes to everything that comes after, from nappies to nannies, there are countless things to consider when it comes to children and your finances. Before you jump on the baby bandwagon, it’s time to get your finances sorted to set you and your family up for what’s to come. Read on for five things you should know about children and your finances. Consider all costs and create a … Read more


Unpacking the Impact of Coronavirus

The newspaper headlines over the last week would have us believe that COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus will bring on the end of the world as we know it. Negativity abounds with headlines like “Aussie Shares Suffer $210 billion Wipe-out”, “ASX Routed – 10% wiped off in a week” or “Pandemic Panic – Markets plunge”. My bellwether measure is my mum and when she comes to me and asks “Have I lost all my savings?” then I know the media’s scaremongering has gone too far and it’s time for me to present a more balanced view of where things … Read more


Budget Basics – A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started

The word ‘budget’ can have frightening and scary connotations; however, it doesn’t have to! Think of a budget as a simple plan for where your hard-earned money goes each month. If you’re saving for your first home, a budget is essential. Lenders need to see that you are responsible with your money. Having a budget and savings pattern demonstrates a consistent and disciplined approach to your finances making you a more attractive applicant. According to a 2019 study that looked at how millennials manage money, 80% of millennials are likely to have a budget compared to 67% of older Australians. … Read more

Report Reveals the Need for Women to Take More Control of Their Wealth

A recent whitepaper produced by Investment Bank UBS, revealed an alarming state of play which calls for women to take more control of their wealth. The study surveyed 1,700 married couples, revealing 56 per cent of married women still leave key financial decisions to their husbands. For millennial women, the rate sits at an astonishing 61%, indicating arguable regression among the lower age bracket. The majority of those respondents said it was because their husbands were more knowledgeable when it came to money. What’s more, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports the average female wage as sitting at 89% of … Read more

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