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Financial Self Care: Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore It

Do you wait until payday to check your bank balance? Living payday to payday is a reality for many Australians. In fact, every second person is strapped without spare cash to draw on by the end of each month, according to the latest Household Financial Comfort Report. While it can be tempting to wait until your employer boosts your balance before you assess your financial health if you’re only keeping tabs on your finances when money filters in, it’s likely you aren’t empowered by your digital wallet’s bottom line. Many of us are so disconnected from our money and how … Read more

The Gig Economy: How to Survive and Thrive Financially

More and more professionals are embracing Australia’s gig economy, but at a significant financial cost. Amongst millennials in particular, freelancers, contractors, and small start-ups are exerting a growing culture that places emphasis on autonomy, flexibility, and the desire to upskill through sought-after variety. A recent study highlighted a vast trajectory in numbers of remote workers, with the average respondent’s age at 32 years. Fifty percent of respondents earned under $49,000 per year, with twenty five percent in the $50,000 – $99,999 range, showing a clear gravitation from those in lower and medium income brackets. Further, as the business climate becomes … Read more

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