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Investment Planning and Advice

Growing your business takes careful consideration. At Inovayt, we provide you with specialised advice to help you manage business growth and any associated financial implications.

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How can Inovayt support me and my business?

Your business is growing and during the growth cycle, there are many considerations on how to best protect and leverage your good work with proactive investment planning and advice.

Being extremely busy,  it’s common for business owners to put off creating a plan for their own financial future. Focusing on your business strategy often takes priority over creating a plan for you own financial future.

Making all the decisions on your own without sufficient information, analysis and market insight can become a significant liability for your business. Without professional advice, business owners often regret these decisions down the track.

These are the key areas where Inovayt can better support you and your business.

Work on Personal Financial Goals

As a business owner, it’s important to establish your personal goals in the same way you formulate business goals. Taking your financial circumstances into account, we can provide planning strategy and investment modelling which is a critical step to attaining the outcomes that are important to you and your family.

Planning for Retirement

Take some time to determine how much money it will take to fund your retirement. Many business owners include the potential of selling their business in their long term strategy and using the funds to comfortably retire. However, this is a huge unknown for most businesses, and dreaming of a big payoff from the sale of a business may not be realistic for everyone.

There are many opportunities to invest strategically through superannuation, management funds, or property to ensure you are well set up for the future.

Managing Risk

As well as successful investing, it is essential for business owners to establish protection for themselves, their families and their business. Life insurance, trauma cover, and buy-sell agreements, which deal with the buyout of a deceased partner of the business, can safeguard your family in the event of your death or disability.


We know that growing a business can be difficult. We can guide you through your cashflow and financing needs.


We understand that everyone has different needs, schedules, and availability. We’re happy to meet face to face, over the phone or online at a time that suits you.


Let us help make your financial goals a reality for now and into the future. Our end-to-end wealth creation solutions can support you throughout any stage of your life journey.

Let us provide you with investment planning advice to secure your personal wealth.

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