Inovayt are industry leading business finance professionals and commercial brokers.

What can we help you with?

Business owners are great at running their business but are not always aware of the best way to represent their business to a lender for approval.

An Inovayt commercial broker will work alongside you to fully understand your business needs and lending requirements to maximise your opportunity for a positive outcome.

A business loan can help you:

  • borrow $10,000 or more for business purposes
  • make extra repayments with the option to redraw
  • make interest only payments on the amount you owe
  • have flexibility in how you repay your loan

How you can benefit from working with an Inovayt commercial broker

  • Extensive commercial lending experience
  • Strong relationships within the lender networks
  • A choice of 30 plus lenders to choose from
  • Representation for you and your business to the lender
  • Long term client relationship
  • Ability to use competitive tension to secure great interest rates, structures, and reduced fees
  • Advanced planning and positioning of your application to ensure the highest opportunity of approval with the lender of choice
  • Spread risk between various lenders when appropriate
  • Full service of business finance solutions from business loans, overdrafts, home loans, asset finance, trade finance, short term funding, and financial planning

The difference between a banker and a broker

  • Business Banking Managers move on regularly
  • Each time you are assigned a new Business Banking Manager you will need to explain your business operations again…and again
  • A Banker will always look after the bank’s best interest, not yours!
  • Banks have appetite changes in lending and policy which can restrict your business growth
  • Banks won’t reduce your risk by spreading your loan across several lenders
  • No competitive pressure means the bank dictates the interest rates and fees

Financing Your Business

Our business finance guide unpacks everything you need to know about financing your business.


Applying for commercial finance can be a stressful experience. Our experienced team and our easy to use online applications take the hassle out of the lending process.


We understand everyone has different needs, schedules and availability. We’re happy to meet face to face, over the phone or online at a time that suits you.


We can help make your business goals a reality. Our end-to-end financial solutions will support you throughout any stage of your life journey.

We offer financial solutions as individual as you.

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