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Understanding superannuation | Woman putting money into a piggy bank

Breaking Down the Basics of Superannuation

Superannuation funds can seem super complex. But by focusing on just two things – finding a fund with low fees and choosing the right investment options – can hold the key to earning tens of thousands of dollars more for your retirement. And in light of the news that people saving into poorly performing superannuation funds could be up to $530,000 worse off than those who invest in some of the better funds, now is the time to make sure you’re setting your future self up for superannuation success. Spend some time managing your superannuation and understanding how to make … Read more

It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning Your Retirement

Are you fantasising about living a life of luxury when you retire? Whether you’re in the prime of your working life and have a long way to go or retirement is a part of your 10-year plan, planning should start well before your last day on the job. Here are our top tips to help you transition into a smooth retirement no matter where you’re currently at in your working life: 20s to 30s There is a school of thought which suggests purchasing a home is one of the smartest strategies to set you up for future retirement. If you’re … Read more

How to Supersize Your Superannuation

Retirement might feel like a lifetime away, but once you approach your inevitable career deadline it is too late to plan for a comfortable post-work life. As the average life expectancy in Australia steadily increases into the 80s for both men and women, so does the need to ensure that you’re able to choose to retire comfortably. We aren’t all in a position to secure the age pension, so we need to invest a little time and research into retirement planning. Poor financial planning—particularly for retirement—is unfortunately common for many. Currently, just one-third of retirees in Australia live on a … Read more


Choosing a Financial Advisor: What You Need to Know

The right type of financial advice can be priceless. Choosing a financial advisor can help you to secure a stable financial future, lead to an impressive investment portfolio or even help you break into the market for the first time. But in contrast, failing to find the right financial advisor for your needs can be extremely costly. With more and more people claiming to operate as expert financial advisors, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to determine just where to find sound financial advice. In fact, since November 2009, Australia has experienced a 41 percent increase in the number of operational financial … Read more

Financial Self Care: Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore It

Do you wait until payday to check your bank balance? Living payday to payday is a reality for many Australians. In fact, every second person is strapped without spare cash to draw on by the end of each month, according to the latest Household Financial Comfort Report. While it can be tempting to wait until your employer boosts your balance before you assess your financial health if you’re only keeping tabs on your finances when money filters in, it’s likely you aren’t empowered by your digital wallet’s bottom line. Many of us are so disconnected from our money and how … Read more

The Gig Economy: How to Survive and Thrive Financially

More and more professionals are embracing Australia’s gig economy, but at a significant financial cost. Amongst millennials in particular, freelancers, contractors, and small start-ups are exerting a growing culture that places emphasis on autonomy, flexibility, and the desire to upskill through sought-after variety. A recent study highlighted a vast trajectory in numbers of remote workers, with the average respondent’s age at 32 years. Fifty percent of respondents earned under $49,000 per year, with twenty five percent in the $50,000 – $99,999 range, showing a clear gravitation from those in lower and medium income brackets. Further, as the business climate becomes … Read more

Report Reveals the Need for Women to Take More Control of Their Wealth

A recent whitepaper produced by Investment Bank UBS, revealed an alarming state of play which calls for women to take more control of their wealth. The study surveyed 1,700 married couples, revealing 56 per cent of married women still leave key financial decisions to their husbands. For millennial women, the rate sits at an astonishing 61%, indicating arguable regression among the lower age bracket. The majority of those respondents said it was because their husbands were more knowledgeable when it came to money. What’s more, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports the average female wage as sitting at 89% of … Read more

Financial Planning For Low Income Earners

Financial Planning for Low Income Earners – No, It’s Not a Myth

More than ever before, it’s crucial that we debunk the commonly held misconception that low-income earners needn’t seek financial planning and counsel. The cost of living continues to surge, with the gap between the ‘rich’ and the ‘poor’ having steadily increased over the past three decades, Just this past week, it was announced that the student loan threshold would be clawed back as of July 1, from approx. $56,000 to $45,000 a year, leaving those with higher education debts out of pocket sooner than anticipated. Further, in this year’s federal budget, Treasurer Scott Morrison promised tax cuts to working Australians … Read more

A Guide for Couples Combining Finances and Mortgaging

A relationship milestone, such as purchasing a property, is a time of excitement and celebration. But the process of two parties disclosing, discussing and combining finances, often raises questions. Should you open up joint accounts? What if one person in the relationship earns disproportionately more? Is one person an avid saver and one a spender? These are just some of the many factors couples are faced with navigating when entering the property market together. While a learning curve for many, combining finances for investment purposes also presents a fantastic opportunity to re-evaluate, strategize, and work towards increased financial prosperity. After … Read more

10 Tips for Getting Your Superannuation in Order Before End of Financial Year

Most people associate end of financial year (EOFY) with getting their taxation in order, when in fact there are many components relating to superannuation that are just as important to address at this time of year. Factors such as contributions, the repercussions of income thresholds, incentives, and tax offsets, and ensuring your beneficiaries are up to date, all come into play. We’ve put together some basic need-to-know information, and with EOFY vastly approaching, we recommend checking in with these factors now rather than at the final hour. Additional Superannuation Contributions If you intend on making additional contributions to your super … Read more

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