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Business Asset Finance

Asset and equipment finance enables you to obtain financing for business equipment, machinery, and vehicles.

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How can financing assets and equipment help you?

When you are looking to maintain a competitive edge in business, it’s important to make sure your vehicles, equipment and machinery are current and well maintained. Asset and equipment finance is a great way to manage cash flow, accelerate productivity and replace ageing equipment and technology. At Inovayt, we work with an array of competitive lenders so you can get the best financing solution to keep your business competitive and relevant.

Types of assets

There are plenty of assets that can be financed, to grow your business and increase cash flow. These assets include:

  • Light vehicles: Cars, vans, small trucks <4.5T
  • Heavy vehicles: Trucks, trailers, cranes, concrete pumps
  • Yellow goods: Excavators, bulldozers, graders, tractors
  • Specialised equipment: Medical, manufacturing, solar, office, beauty

Chattel mortgage

With a chattel mortgage, the asset being purchased is the collateral for the loan. Unlike a mortgage on a property, a chattel mortgage is for anything with a serial number, such as a vehicle or factory machinery. With a chattel mortgage, the lender can take the asset and liquidate it if the borrower is not able to make repayments.

Sale and buyback

This type of finance is where a loan is raised (by way of lease, chattel mortgage or hire purchase) against an asset that is owned outright and free from any encumbrance.

Low doc loan

A low doc, or self-declaration, car loan is, for all intents and purposes, functionally the same as a standard full doc commercial product. The only difference is the criteria that businesses are required to meet to be able to qualify for a low-doc loan.

The criteria typically revolves around the length of ABN and GST registration as well as property ownership. These loans allow lenders to fast-track applications for strong, established businesses.

Trade finance

Trade finance allows businesses to purchase stock and inventory so the goods can be sold to their customers. It can also be used to import equipment purchased from overseas or local suppliers to be used within your business.

Invoice finance

Invoice Finance is a product where businesses sell their invoices to a third party for funding. This facility is useful for businesses whose growth is hindered by slow repayments of invoices.

Insurance premium finance

Insurance premium finance enables you to avoid lump sum payments by turning them into monthly payments. We help you to roll all of your insurance premiums together, so that you have one simple monthly payment to one party, rather than complicated multiple party payments to various insurers at different times of the year.

Residual/balloon refinance

This refinancing option allows you to refinance the balloon payment at the end of your equipment loan to smaller payments, rather than paying a lump sum. Our team work with you to find which solution works best for your business.

Hire purchase

Under a hire purchase, a business leases an asset from a provider who purchases the asset and agrees to lease it to the business. Throughout the life of the lease, the provider owns the asset and is responsible for repairs, maintenance, and insurance. The business makes ongoing payments to the asset provider during the lease period for the use of the asset. The business takes ownership of the asset at the end of the lease period.


Being a business owner can be stressful enough without having to worry about obtaining new equipment. Let us do the heavy-lifting to secure you an equipment loan so you can spend your time focusing on your business.


We understand that everyone has different needs, schedules and availability. We’re happy to meet face to face, over the phone or online at a time that suits you.


Let us help you to grow your business. Our end-to-end financial solutions can support you throughout any stage of your journey both professionally and personally.

Let us help you secure finance for your business equipment.

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