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sell or hold

Should You Sell or Hold? A Case Study

Many second-home buyers who may feel as though they have outgrown their current property are faced with this conundrum. Do I sell my current home and cash out or do I hold my current property and turn it into an investment? Whether you should buy or hold comes down to both personal and financial circumstances. These are the items you will need to discuss with a mortgage professional in advance before being able to make a clear decision. Borrowing Capacity – if you need to upgrade your owner-occupied property for a larger place, generally you need to spend more so … Read more

Million dollar property

Johnny’s Million Dollar Property Mistake

This article highlights examples of property decisions that could have had very different results in hindsight. I hope it can give people some simple and comparable scenarios in suburbs near them that outline the benefit of a few key points; A hold strategy in property – long term compounding growth has great power. Deciding on your strategy & selecting the right asset can be very important to financial success in property. Let’s paint the picture; it’s 2004 in inner-city Melbourne, median house prices for units was $336,000 & a house $395,000. Johnny Smith is considering purchasing his second home, his … Read more

Realistic property

Make a Realistic Property Decision in 5 Steps

Where do you buy? What suburb? What city? How much do I pay? These are the questions that most people jump straight into, yet the reality is that without an understanding of the purchase price someone has in mind, then the question of where, when and what just simply can’t be answered. You may as well be browsing for mansions in Toorak or Potts Point for fun! While many people jump straight ahead to browsing the property section, it’s important not to skip the personal evaluation part of the process. This is arguably one of the most pivotal steps in … Read more

Purchase with a mate

What to Consider When Purchasing with a Mate

Let’s be real: It can be difficult to enter the property market. This may lead you to consider the option of purchasing with a friend, brother, sister, or uncle to share the responsibility. In some cases, this can be a great option – it can help you reach a higher price point and get you into the market sooner. Before diving in, there are some key considerations and plans that you need to consider. Future Borrowing Capacity If both parties only look to purchase one property, then this won’t be an issue. However, if either party would like to purchase … Read more

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